A Little Bit About Us

Welcome to Tiny Square Feet! We are so happy you dropped by.

We are Joben and Charity Baluyut, we have three small kids, and we live in a tiny house (Tiny Square Feet).

We started off taking videos of our kids cooking inside our tiny house, and realized how much we loved capturing the little and big moments in life that would otherwise be gone forever. Since then, we have┬ácovered different events, parties, weddings, and occasions. We love creating new short exciting videos that capture one’s attention and will be treasured for years to come.

A little bit about Joben Baluyut: Joben is a videography, editor, and director for the different short films we have done with Tiny Square Feet. He is constantly creating new stories, and coming up with new shots and angles to keep events exciting and entertaining.

A little bit about David Arciaga: David and Joben have been friends for many years and work extremely well together through their common love of film. David is a very talented photographer, videographer, and the lead actor in the short Tiny Square Feet stories.

Please let us know if you would like us to cover your event or have any questions for us!

E-mail: charity@tinysquarefeet.com

Phone: 971-264-3763